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Daehyun too shy
You scribbled on the paper you were writing on to let out your frustrations. You sigh angrily and ruffled your hair. You threw the paper and pencil onto the coffee table in front of you as you threw your head back into the huge, soft chair you sat in.
You let out another sigh of frustration as you turned to look at the clock. You felt like you had to get ready for something, but you couldn't remember what. You sat there in concentration for a while before it came to you.
"Crap!" you yelled as you ran to your room to get ready.
How could you forget? Where you that stupid? Did it mean that little to you? How in God's name could you forget your date with Daehyun?!
"Ugh," you sighed in disgust of yourself.
You hopped into the shower as quick as you could and brushed your teeth once you got out with the towel around your middle and a towel around your hair. You rinsed your mouth and ran to your closet.
"Ummm…" you said in despair as you looked around to find something. "I'll wear this-
:iconnaomi-tsuka:Naomi-Tsuka 6 23
First kiss with Daehyun
"Come on, unni!" Sohee whined. "You have to come!"
"I don't have to do anything!" you retorted to one of your best friends.
She in turn rolled her eyes and gave you an annoyed sigh. "Come on and go out for the night, please." She pouted.
It was your turn to sigh and roll your eyes. "But I don't wanna!" you stomped your foot.
"You never go out. Come dancing with your friends for the night! Live a little!" she made exaggerated arm movements to try to convince you.
"An invitation would be nice once in a while…" you drifted off.
"You're getting one now." She shot back.
You sighed once again and looked at her with puppy dog eyes. She in turn gave you her puppy dog eyes.
"Fine." You pouted.
"Yay!" she jumped up and ran to your closet. She pulled out bags from the bottom and looked at you. "Have you never worn these?" she prodded.
"Maybe…" you said guiltily.
She shook her head and pulled out brand new clothes from the bags. "How could you not want to wear these!" she squeaked.
:iconnaomi-tsuka:Naomi-Tsuka 9 3
SHINee: Minho x You --Competitive--
You smiled to yourself as you scored another goal, happy of your own success.
“Wow, you are pretty good,” a voice spoke to you. “But not as good as me of course.”
“Oh, is that a challenge then?” you questioned, turning to the source of the voice. It was a male, he appeared a bit older then you but not by much. He had dark brown hair and beautiful deep brown eyes. He was only slightly taller then you but it was enough to make a different and he also had a nice body build to boot, but that’s not the point. Back to the point of the challenge you were just given whether he knew it or not.
“And, if it is?” he asked back, eyebrows raised it a playful manner..
“Then I would just have to accept it now wouldn’t I?” you smirked with a beautiful lace of cockiness in your voice. He smirked back, liking your spunk and the nice attitude you gave without sounding mean.
“Alright, how about this: the one with the highest scor
:iconmiskuki:Miskuki 30 4
Onew x Reader: Oh!
Onew x Reader: Oh!
A/N: I'm going to start this account with the making all 5 member fanfics, if I get some views, ill do more, so ill be starting from oldest, to youngest, and using Girl Generation songs, so enjoy~!
You stared angered at your food as your friends, Taemin, Minho, Jonghyun, Key, and Onew talked to each other, like you weren't there.
Your Jonghyun's little sister, and sadly your treated like a baby, even by Taemin, and your older than him!
You looked up, and met eyes with Onew, he gave you a tender smile, and you blushed deeply. You've liked Onew ever since Jonghyun introduced you to him when Jonghyun was 14, and you where 12.
"Oppa~! Why don't you love me back~!?" You thought loudly in you mind as you kept stabbing your food.
"Hey ________? Nonna~! You there?" A voice snapped you out of your angry thoughts as you saw baby maknae Taemin waving his hand in front of y
:iconshinee-fan-fictions:SHINee-Fan-Fictions 43 1
Biting Feeling Chapter 1 - Eunhae
It was out of curiosity that Lee Hyukjae, regular high school student, walked into that infamous bar. People in is school were talking about that singer, Moonlight, that woman with a hypnotising voice. Guys were heads over heels for this woman, saying she was hot and sexy, taking pictures of her when they had the luck to get inside.
To be honest, the only thing Hyukjae would be interested in was her voice, since he was into men. Of course, nobody knew about it, except his friends, since he was too shy to do so and didn't want to get bullied because of it. Well, he wasn't the guy girls would run after. Skinny, a little too much, his smile too wide for his taste, showing his gums when he was extremely happy. Not that good at school, just average. People didn't care about average people, and that was why he never had a date in his high school years, even now at his last one. He never had that luck, even with girls. So, maybe if he loved Moonlight voice, he could talk about it with some of
:iconhikio-chan:hikio-chan 9 2
Choco - HyukjaeXReader
You were walking down the street in Seoul, not that far from your favourite band's dorm. You lived not too far too, so it was always with hope that would would walk at night and wish to see one of the boys from Super Junior. If you were lucky, maybe you would see Lee Hyukjae, the dance machine that messed up your feelings, making you wish for such a dorky and adorable to be your true love. It was only fangirl's fantasies, but you couldn't help yourself to feel this way.
It was cold outside, the sun had just go down. There was some snow, but not enough to really bother you. You had your favourite scar to protect you, anyway. Your grandma had made it for you before she died a few years ago. You liked it because it was warm, fluffy and because it was the only thing you had left from your dear grandma. Even your Suju stuff wasn't as important, since this scar was holding on to so many memories from your childhood, from that house you used to play in. You smiled behind your scarf, hiding yo
:iconhikio-chan:hikio-chan 16 14
Singer!Australia x Shy!Reader ~ I Need a Woman
I don't know Australia's human name, so I use the name I used in a story.
And there he was again.
At the pier, singing with his guitar, as the people stop by and listen to his singing. (Name) (Last) admire Jack Kirkland...literally. She fell in love with him at first sight when he did his first performance at the harbor and instantly fell in love with him, also becoming a huge fan. More like Love-At-First-Sight thingy that happens to girls and boys.
He had perfect brown hair with emerald green eyes, a bandage across the bridge of his nose, and that smile that makes all the girls faint. Mostly, every girl in Sydney, Australia wanted his autograph, which was true. A lot of girls would stay in line to hear him sing and get his autograph. The manager/boss didn't mind Jack singing. He enjoyed it and Jack's singing provided entertainment for his customers. (Name) was always sat near the pier where he sings and listen to him from afar. (Name) was too shy to just walk up there an
:iconinkheart4568:InkHeart4568 28 29
Seven Minutes in Heaven (Australia)
You groan and shove your hand into the old hat and pull out an...
Evil Looking Koala Plush?
"Ack! Australia!" England shouts, ripping it from your grip and chucking it at the approaching Aussie, "Don't put that where people can see it!"
"Why?" he sneers, "you gave it to me, Dad." As they glare at each other, the rest of the nations stare and you, eyes wide, back into the closet, slowly closing the door. Then, Prussia stops it with his foot. 
"As great as your family reunions are, Australia, your date is starting without you." he calls, getting everyone's attention and the man grumbles, stomping over to the door. He steps in, not before hitting Prussia in the arm and bumps into you. 
"Sorry," he murmurs gruffly. 
"I-it's fine." you say quietly. You'd never admit it but you had a crush on the handsome stranger already.
"Eh?" he said, leaning closer to where you were planted to a wall, "What was that?"
You push further into the wall under his gaze, loweri
:iconlilacgiraffe:lilacgiraffe 175 110
[Australia x Reader] - Marshmallows at 9 PM
"Hm~?" You looked up from your absurd bowl full of multicoloured marshmallows to face a certain Koala-loving Australian. "Yeah~?" You asked.
"...What you you eating." He asked.
"Marshmallows. I can't believe you-" "I have heard of them, what I want to know is WHY ARE YOU EATING THEM AT NINE PM?!" He shouted.
You rubbed your temples. "Jeez, Jett. I didn't know you could be so damn loud." You mumbled. He sighed. "Just...Put the bowl away." He sighed.
"Nah." You grinned, popping another Marshmallow in your mouth.
Suddenly your bowl of marshmallows disappeared. "Hey!" You turned to him. "What? I didn't take it." He said. You grabbed the front of his shirt. "Jett. Fucking. Kirkland. Give. Me. Back. My. Marshmallows!" You barked.
He gently pushed you off. "I told you, Sheila. I didn't take them." He said. "Even I wanted to, I can't move THAT fast." He stuck his tongue out at you.
You narrow your eyes at him and pounced on him, screaming. You fell onto him, earning a 'Oof!' from him
:iconyurimikki:YuRiMiKkI 166 51
Rei Kagene X Reader: UGLY
        You couldn't believe that it came to this. You in your bathroom crying and cheeks puffy and eyes all red. You had scissors in your hand and most of your upper back long h/c was on the floor. Sitting down and leaning against your bathtub, you sobbed into your arms and kept saying " I'm ugly. I want to be pretty."
It was a typical day for you. You were waiting for your friend Rei Kagene. You two have been friends ever since you can remember. Rei was always a shy boy always staying by his sister's side. Until you came along. You broke his shyness and became his first official friend. Ever since first grade you two have been inseparable and you always went to the same school and had all the same classes.
        Well you were doing your natural thing of waiting for him in the front of the school before it began. Both of you did this for one another, if you were here first you would wait for him but i
:iconjeffhardyfan1557:JeffHardyFan1557 264 293
Nordics x Little Reader - Chapter 9
Chapter 9
"I thought so. Okay, so it all started like this-"
~Flashback to Yesterday~
Iceland scoffed and got up, walking out of the room without an explanation. He looked back at Mr.Puffin who was still sitting on the table, the puffin avoided his gaze and shook his head. Iceland scowled before walking out of the room and leaving the house, but not before slamming the door as hard as possible.
"What's his problem? It's not like the little girl is going to do anything bad."
"Wh're's F'nl'nd..."
"I'm back. Where's Iceland?"
"He left..."
Finland gave a blank look and threw whatever he was holding behind his back into the hallway before walking back into the living room.
"So, is she asleep?"
Finland nodded at Norway before sitting down and sighing.
"Why so exhausted Finny?"
"I just feel so bad for her."
"Hvad?" [1]
"She just gushed about her home life, I really want to keep her here. Is that alright with you guys?"
The countries nodded simultaneously and Finland smiled. He closed h
:iconicewind505:Icewind505 356 208
Nordics x Little Reader - Chapter 8
Chapter 8
Iceland slowly made his way down the stairs, fatigue still clung onto him with a death grip. What had happened yesterday was a bit of a haze, but he knew that he did something incredibly stupid. What was wrong with him? Had he been jealous of all the attention _____ was getting? Did he not like the fact that Norway was giving her all of the attention instead of him? All these thoughts swirled around in the poor country's head stirring up a headache.
Man, I feel worse than Denmark during that time he tried to win in a drinking contest against Scotland!
Iceland laughed a bit at that thought; as for the drinking contest, well... That's a story for another day.
"Hey, Norge? Where'd you put the beer?" (Denmark)
"I threw it away." (Norway)
"What!? Why?!" (Denmark)
"Because it's a bad influence for our little _____." (Norway)
"Our little _____? Since when did you become the mother?" (Denmark)
"That would actually be me!" (Finland)
"Ja, ja, I KNOW that Finny! But who's th
:iconicewind505:Icewind505 256 90
Nordics x Little Reader - Chapter 7
Chapter 7
Alexander rolled his eyes, he ran his hand through his hair, mussing it up even more. Giving Iceland a cold glare, he looked past him and into the house. Lo and behold, just reaching the bottom of the stairs, was the rest of the Nordic 5, carrying little _____.
"Alright, give me my daughter." (Alexander)
"Ei!"[1] (Finland)
"What?" (Alexander)
"It means 'no' in Finnish." (Finland)
"Why the hell are you speaking Finnish?!" (Alexander)
"Because I can!" (Finland)
"You know what! Enough funny business! Just give me back my goddamn daughter and we can both leave you! I'm sorry if _____ caused any trouble but just give her back now!" (Alexander)
"Ingen."[2] (Norway)
"We thought you would know, it means 'no' in Norwegian. _____ knows it, so we guessed she had to learn the language somewhere." (Norway)
"Wait! I never taught her any other language! And what do you mean no!? You can't just keep her! I C
:iconicewind505:Icewind505 273 126
Nordics x Little Reader - Chapter 6
Chapter 6
Iceland opened the door and winced as it let out a long creak. He slowly tiptoed into the house and sighed with relief when he saw no one in the living room except for Hana who was out cold on top of the couch.
The silver-haired country made his way up the stairs and sighed once again as he reached the top of the stairs. He faced the hallway with his back to the door and opened it, creeping inside, he shut the door, still facing the hallway. He was about to let his guard down when he heard an 'Ahem' behind him, Iceland froze in place. He turned around, and to his horror Finland was seated on a large, black chair with Denmark and Sweden on either side.
'Where's Norway?'
As if to answer his question, he heard a soft click behind him and jumped when he saw his 'Onii-chan' standing behind him, Norway had snuck behind Iceland and locked the door. Trapping him in his own room.
Gulping, the Icelandic male turned around to face the small (but frightening) Finnish man. Sweden's sto
:iconicewind505:Icewind505 265 141
Nordics x Little Reader - Chapter 5
Chapter 5
The Nordics looked at Norway one by one, again, except Denmark who was still muttering dejectedly about his now bruised neck.
"So, Norway. What do you need to talk to us about?"
"Well, brother dearest-"
"Don't call me that!"
"Call me big brother."
"Come on, please?"
"Stop it."
"Just once."
"Ekki!" [1]
This went on for several minutes before Norway sighed and sat down on the couch, setting the small girl on his lap, he looked at the other Nordics.
"It's about ____."
"Why do we need to talk about the little brat? We patch her up, we feed her and then send her home."
At Iceland's words ____ started to bawl. Tears streamed down her cheeks and dripped onto Norway's pants. Norway looked around with panic on his normally stoic face and looked at Finland with a look that just screamed 'HELP ME! I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO THIS!'. Finland took the little girl into his arms and she gripped onto him tightly, wrapping her arms around his neck and sobbing into his shoulder.
Iceland ro
:iconicewind505:Icewind505 268 80
Nordics x Little Reader - Chapter 4
Chapter 4
Norway blinked lazily and almost shrieked in shock when he saw the little girl next to him. Just remembering that _____ had slept next to him. He covered his mouth as a strangled squeak escaped his lips. The little girl next to him opened her (e/c) eyes and looked at him with a half-awake expression.
"It's Lukas. What is it _____?"
She hugged his arm and her expression dropped slightly, she glanced off to the side and her mouth twisted into a frown. Norway could almost sense the negativity coming off of her and he furrowed his eyebrows in concern.
"_____? What's wrong?"
"Are you going to send me back!?"
"Are you going to send me back to daddy?!"
"Your.. daddy?"
"Ja, I don't want to go back, he scares me. Please don't make me go back."
The little girl's sad expression tugged at his heart. He brought her close to his chest and started petting her head.
"Ja, you can stay with us as long as you like."
"Did Mr.Tino, Mr.Berwald, Mr.Mathias and Mr.Emil say I c
:iconicewind505:Icewind505 284 38


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